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Table 2 Estimation of clinical status of sarcoidosis at follow-up visit (V2).

From: Exhaled 8-isoprostane as a prognostic marker in sarcoidosis. A short term follow-up

V2 examinations Score
Radiology (CXR) 0. normal
  1. abnormal, improved to V1
  2. abnormal, no change to V1
  3. worse than V1
0. FEV1/FVC>70%, other parameters ≥ 80% predicted
  1. FEV1/FVC≤ 70%, at least one of the other < 80% predicted
Laboratory (SACE, CRP, S-Ca2+, U-Ca2+) 0. all within NL
  1. at least one out of NL
Lofgren syndrome (EN, elevated BT, arthritis, oedema) 0. absent
  1. present
General symptoms (fatigue, weight loss, sweating, arthralgia, myalgia etc) 0. absent
  1. present
Respiratory symptoms (cough, breathlessness, exercise intolerance etc) 0. absent
  1. present
Extrapulmonary signs and symptoms 0. absent
  1. present
  1. Only patients with the sum of points at V2 = 0 were qualified as having complete remission. BT -- body temperature, DLCOc -- diffusion capacity for CO corrected for hemoglobin, EN -- erythema nodosum, FEV1 -- forced expiratory volume in 1st second of expiration, FVC -- forced vital capacity, LFT - lung function tests, NL -- normal; limits, S -- serum, SACE -- serum angiotensin converting enzyme, T -- time, U -- urine.