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Table 2 Exercise characteristics of the different studies

From: The six minute walk test accurately estimates mean peak oxygen uptake

Author Type Stop AT RER Length Practice Stop
Cahalin (2) cycle Pt 70% NR 168 ft yes Distress, O2 < 80% *
Cahalin (3) Cycle Pt 88% NR 168 ft Yes Distress
Faggiano (4) Cycle Pt 88% NR NR Yes NR
Lipkin (5) TM Pt NR NR 20 M Yes NR
Lucas (6) Cycle Pt NR NR 20 M Yes? NR
Myamoto (7) Cycle NR NR NR NR NR NR
Opasich (8) Cycle NR 82% NR 34 M Yes Distress
Roul (9) Cycle NR 100% NR Ped NR NR
Starobin (10) Cycle NR NR NR Cor NR NR
Zugck (11) Cycle Pt NR NR 132 M NR None
Baylor Cycle TM Pt NR NR 100 ft NR None *
  1. CPET- Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test: Type: cycle- cycle ergometer or treadmill (TM) using various protocols of gradually increasing power output. Stop: Pt: voluntary exhaustion. AT: % of group that had an anaerobic threshold. RER: Average maximum respiratory exchange ratio. 6 MWT- Six Minute Walk Test: Length: length of corridor in feet or Meters. Ped: pedometer, Cor: corridor but length not reported. Stop (Criteria for terminating walk): Distress: various distress criteria, O2 < 80%: O2 saturation dropping below 80%, None: Everyone completed test. NR: not reported, * some patients used O2 during the walk.