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Table 2 EASE Trial Exclusion Criteria

From: Design of the exhale airway stents for emphysema (EASE) trial: an endoscopic procedure for reducing hyperinflation

Pulmonary Function Change in FEV1 > 20% between pre-and post-bronchodilator measurements or >200 mL if the subject's post-bronchodilator FEV1 < 1 liter
  Clinically significant bronchiectasis
  Three or more respiratory infections requiring hospitalization in the last 12 months
  Respiratory infection <30 days prior to randomization
  Presence of segmental atelectasis, lobar consolidation, significant or unstable pulmonary infiltrate or pneumothorax confirmed on x-ray
  DLco <15% of predicted
Arterial blood gas analysis Values on room air, pH <7.35 with a PaCO2 > 50 mmHg or PaCO2 > 60 mmHg regardless of pH
Physical BMI >31.1 for males and >32.3 for females
  Unplanned weight loss >10% usual weight in 90 days prior to randomization
General Medical Uncontrolled hypertension (systolic >200 mmHg or diastolic >110 mmHg)
  Stroke within last 12 months
  Suspicion or history of pulmonary hypertension, defined by either of the following: Abnormal Radionuclide Ventriculogram/Echocardiogram showing Right Ventricular Ejection Fraction <30%; or evidence of right ventricular dilatation; or evidence of hypokinesia; or RVSP >45 mmHg
  Myocardial infarction within 6 months
  Type 1 diabetes
  Current diagnosis of renal failure
  Lung cancer or pulmonary nodule requiring surgery
  Ventilator dependence
  Previous lung volume reduction surgery or lobectomy
  Known hypersensitivity to aspirin, paclitaxel or stainless steel