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Table 10 Risk of lung cancer by proportion of known smoking history smoking mentholated cigarettes among ever smokers - Slone Epidemiology Center case-control study [53]

From: Systematic review of the epidemiological evidence comparing lung cancer risk in smokers of mentholated and unmentholated cigarettes

    Proportion of smoking history
    None 1-49% 50%
Gender/Race No. of cases Adjusted RR RR (CI) RR (CI)
Both/Both 642 Noa 1.00 0.86 (0.62-1.18) 0.49 (0.37-0.63)
   Age, race and genderb 1.00 0.81 (0.59-1.12) 0.63 (0.48-0.82)
   Age, race, gender and othersc 1.00 0.86 (0.59-1.24) 0.89 (0.65-1.22)
  1. a All unadjusted RRs and CIs were derived as described in additional file 1: Methods for deriving RR estimates.
  2. bThe width of the estimated CI is taken to be the same as the width of the unadjusted estimate, so may be slightly understated.
  3. c The other adjustment factors were year at interview, duration of smoking, cigarettes per day, years since quitting and proportion of years smoked filter cigarettes.