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Table 8 Risk of lung cancer by cigarette smoker type - Los Angeles County case-control study [69]

From: Systematic review of the epidemiological evidence comparing lung cancer risk in smokers of mentholated and unmentholated cigarettes

    Cigarette smoker type
    Exclusive regular Exclusive menthol Mixed menthol/regular Any menthola
Gender/Race No of cases Adjusted RR RR (CI) RR (CI) RR (CI)
Both/Bothb 337 No 1.00 1.17 (0.74-1.85) 0.86 (0.64-1.17) 0.93 (0.70-1.23)
   Age, racec and gender 1.00 1.10 (0.70-1.74) 0.83 (0.61-1.13) 0.89 (0.67-1.18)
   Age, race, gender and othersd 1.00 1.04 (0.62-1.75) 1.01 (0.71-1.42) 1.02 (0.74-1.40)
  1. a RRs and CIs for any use estimated as described in additional file 1: Methods for deriving RR estimates.
  2. b Caucasians and African/American people.
  3. c The width of the estimated CI is taken to be the same as the width of the unadjusted estimates, so may be slightly too narrow.
  4. d The other adjustment factors were total pack-years and years since quitting.