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Figure 3

From: Expression of taste receptors in Solitary Chemosensory Cells of rodent airways

Figure 3

SCCs in the lower airways express elements of the taste transduction cascade. A-F. Single color channel (A & B; D & E) and merged (C & F) images of Tas1R3 GFP+ SCC cells in the trachea co-express TrpM5 and α-gustducin. G-L. Single color channel (G&H; J&K) and merged (I & L) images of TrpM5 GFP+ SCC cells in trachea (G-I) and bronchi (J-L) co-express α-gustducin. The insets of panels G-I show that α-gustducin is expressed only in a subset of the total TrpM5-GFP cell population (scale bar 10 μm for insets). M-O. Single color channel (M & N) and merged (O) images showing TrpM5 GFP+ SCC cells in the trachea co-express Plcβ2.

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