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Table 1 Levels of Asthma Control

From: Asthma control cost-utility randomized trial evaluation (ACCURATE): the goals of asthma treatment

Characteristic Strictly Controlled (All of the following) Sufficiently Controlled (Any measure present in any week) Uncontrolled
Daytime symptoms None (twice or less/week) More than twice/week Three or more features of sufficiently controlled asthma present in any week
Limitations of activities None Any  
Nocturnal symptoms/awakening None Any  
Need for reliever/rescue treatment None (twice or less/week) More than twice/week  
Lung function (FEV1) Normal < 80% predicted  
Exacerbations* None 1st moderate exacerbation ≥ 2 moderate exacerbation or severe exacerbation
  1. *modified from the GINA guidelines; the presence of an exacerbation influences the level of asthma control at baseline or at an exacerbation. If one or more exacerbations have led to an adjustment in treatment, this category starts at 0 again. At baseline: treatment levels only will be adjusted when exacerbations were present ≤ 3 months prior to the study: † during the same treatment regime.