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Table 4 Logistic regression model using explorative selection criteria with the target parameter "SAE".

From: Systemic air embolism during percutaneous core needle biopsy of the lung: frequency and risk factors

  Model Selection criteria Wald p Assessment
Needle penetration depth in the tumor (Needle tip not in the tumor is risk factor) 2 Explorative 9.1 0.002 Most important independent risk factor
Intubation anesthesia (Anesthesia is risk factor) 2 Explorative 6.8 0.009 Independent risk factor
Height above the level of the left atrium (Height is risk factor) 2 Explorative 6.0 0.014 Independent risk factor
Needle angle to the tumor surface (More acute angle may be risk factor) 2 Explorative 4.6 0.032 Independent risk factor
Prone or supine position (prone position is risk factor) 2 Explorative 3.3 0.067 Independent risk factor
Needle path through ventilated lung 2 Explorative 2.9 0.085 Independent risk factor