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Table 1 Components of IDM included in the RECODE course for multidisciplinary teams in primary care

From: RECODE: Design and baseline results of a cluster randomized trial on cost-effectiveness of integrated COPD management in primary care

DM interventions Example
Optimal medication adherence Tailoring of advices from international guidelines, e.g. frequent exacerbations necessitate inhaled corticosteroids; daily respiratory complaints necessitate long-acting bronchodilators
Proper diagnosis Performing and interpreting spirometry, assessment of disease burden using MRC and CCQ
Motivational interviewing Understanding and making use of patients’ personal goal in physical reactivation and lifestyle changes
Smoking cessation counselling Review of the recent literature, discussion of bottlenecks, applying behavioural techniques and drug therapy for smoking cessation
Applying self-management plans Teaching self-management techniques, including early recognition and treatment of exacerbations
Guideline based physiotherapeutic reactivation Using a patients’ personal goal, referral for physiotherapeutic reactivation in patients with MRC score >2.
Dietary interventions Early recognition and treatment of nutritionally depleted patients