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Table 2 Patients’ GER evaluation at admission, treatment and follow-up

From: Gastroesophageal reflux in Bronchiectasis and the effect of anti-reflux treatment

Case Treatment Follow-up GER symptom Endoscopy 24-h pH HRM
Case 1 LF 5-yr. Evident and progressive daily regurgitation, heartburn and chest pain for 10 years. LA-B DMS: 3.04 MUESP: 53.1
MLESP: 14.0
LHPZ: 3.3
Reexamine   Asymptomatic negative DMS: 1.13
Case 2 LF 4-yr. Occasional regurgitation heartburn and vomiting in cough exacerbations for 5 years. LA-A; HH DMS: 136.06 MUESP:59.1
MLESP: 16.2
LHPZ: 4.0
Reexamine   Asymptomatic negative DMS: 1.40
Case 3 LF 4-yr. Daily regurgitation, heartburn and chest pain since childhood, worsened in resent 2 years. HH DMS: 3.89 MUESP: 23.7
MLESP: 7.4
LHPZ: 1.5
Reexamine   Asymptomatic negative DMS: 2.24
Case 4 SRP 2-yr. Weekly or daily regurgitation and heartburn for 4 years. negative DMS:1.93 MUESP: 40.3
MLESP: 24.0
LHPZ: 4.3
Reexamine   Asymptomatic negative DMS:1.30
Case 5 SRP .2-yr. Weekly regurgitation, heartburn and chest pain for 20 years LA-A DMS: 17.90 MUESP: 22.6
MLESP: 23.1
LHPZ: 3.4
Reexamine   Become occasional with daily PPI LA-A DMS: 8.45
Case 6 LF + SRP .1-yr. Occasional regurgitation, belching and heartburn for 10 years. LA-A; HH DMS: 19.87 MUESP: 35.5
MLESP: 11.8
LHPZ: 3.0
Reexamine   Asymptomatic negative DMS: 1.10
Case 7 LF .1-yr. Occasional heartburn for 10 years. LA-A DMS: 60.0 MUESP:63.4
MLESP: 21.0
LHPZ: 4.1
Reexamine   Asymptomatic LA-A DMS: 2.30
  1. HRM, High-resolution manometry; DMS, DeMeester score; LA, Los Angeles classification (LA-A indicates one or more mucosal breaks of ≤5 mm in length, LA-A one or more mucosal breaks of >5 mm); HRM, High-resolution manometry; MUESP, Mean upper esophageal sphincter pressure (Normal range: 34–104 mmHg); MLESP, Mean lower esophageal sphincter pressure (Normal range: 13–43 mmHg); LHPZ, Length of high pressure zone (Normal range: 2.7-4.8 cm), — Not reexamined.