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Table 3 Association between genetic polymorphisms, emphysema and pulmonary function

From: Association of genes of protease-antiprotease balance pathway to lung function and emphysema subtypes

Phenotype Gene Polymorphism β* p-value
  All TIMP2 rs2277698 (G/A) 0.071 0.022
  Centrilobular TGFB1 rs2241718 (G/A) −0.071 0.022
  MMP9 rs3918242 (C/T) −0.082 0.008
  Paraseptal TNF rs1800629 (G/A) 0.075 0.017
  TIMP2 rs2277698 (G/A) 0.081 0.010
FEV 1 /FVC ratio TIMP2 rs2277698 (G/A) −0.066 0.035
MEF50 TIMP2 rs2277698 (G/A) −0.084 0.008
  1. FEV1/FVC ratio = FEV1/FVC x 100; MEF50 = maximal expiratory flow at 50% of forced vital capacity, % predicted; Covariates used in the analysis: sex, age, PYs, and years of asbestos exposure for emphysema scores; pack-years and years of asbestos exposure for MEF50.
  2. *Standardized coefficient β.