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Table 3 Analysis of variance for fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) given as ln FeNO in children hospitalized for bronchiolitis (n = 105) during their first year of life and an age matched control group (n = 89) at 11 years of age

From: Exhaled nitric oxide is related to atopy, but not asthma in adolescents with bronchiolitis in infancy

Variable B* 95% CI P-value
Main groups    
Control group 0 Reference  
Post-bronchiolitis group −0.120 −0.309, 0.070 0.214
Sub-groups by atopy and asthma status    <0.001
Healthy 0 Reference  
Atopic non-asthmatic 0.745 0.522, 0.967  
Current non-atopic asthma 0.013 −0.308, 0.335  
Current atopic asthma 0.651 0.286, 1.102  
Intercept 2.131 1.970, 2.291  
  1. No significant interaction effects were observed between the variables post-bronchiolitis/control group and the four subgroups of the study, i.e. the relationships between FeNO values measured in these four subgroups were similar in the post-bronchiolitis and the control group.
  2. *Regression coefficient; represents the amount of change of ln NO induced by a change of 1 unit of the explanatory variable.
  3. P-values from F test. Reference group (healthy children in the control group).
  4. Bold values indicate significance at the 0.05 level.