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Table 3 Results from the analysis 27 months after the start of the follow-up program: deaths, drop-outs and cases with confirmed CTEPH are shown in relation to the subjetcs who passed three-months follow-up

From: A symptom-related monitoring program following pulmonary embolism for the early detection of CTEPH: a prospective observational registry study

Results: 27 months analysis N %
Patients died 15 11.5%
Dropouts 4 3.0%
CTEPH/CTPVD with exercise PH* 8/3 6.2%/2.3%
CTEPH/CTPVD: “CPET pos and Echo neg“# 2/1 1.5/0.77%
  1. *In 8 patients pathological imaging and mean pulmonary artery pressure (mPAP) at rest of ≥ 25 mmHg had been found. In 3patients pathological imaging, mPAP at rest of < 25 mmHg, but increasing mPAP under exercise without increasing pulmonary artery occlusion pressure had been found suggesting CTPVD with exercise induced PH. # 2 out of 8 (25%) patients diagnosed with CTEPH and 1 out of 3 (33%) patients diagnosed with CTPVD and exercise induced PH showed normal echocardiography, but findings in the cardiopulmonary exercise test suspicious for functional relevant pulmonary perfusion abnormalities.