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Table 1 Physiological data of the animals in the first set of experiments (validation of global gas flow, description of regional gas flow in healthy pigs)

From: Determination of respiratory gas flow by electrical impedance tomography in an animal model of mechanical ventilation

n = 7 Unit Mean sd
HR per minute 80.3 10.9
MAP mmHg 79.3 9.7
MPAP mmHg 21.7 5.7
PaO2 / FiO2 mmHg 437.7 89.1
SVR dyn * s/cm-5 1051.6 76.5
PVR dyn * s/cm-5 240.7 53.5
Dyn. Compl. l/mbar 38.5 11.3
  1. HR = heart rate, MAP = mean arterial pressure, MPAP = mean pulmonary artery pressure, PaO2 / FiO2 = arterial partial oxygen pressure divided by the fraction of the inspired oxygen, SVR = systemic vascular resistance, PVR = pulmonary vascular resistance, dyn. compl. = dynamic compliance, sd = standard deviation.