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Table 1 Overall scope and dimension of the surveys

From: Asthma out of control? A structured review of recent patient surveys

Study name Country Objective Population Design Date
MORI/EFA [12] France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain Family QoL impact Parents Face-to-face interview. International comparison 1999–2002
TARGET [11] Italy Symptoms, causes, treatment HCPs, parents Face-to-face interviews, with physicians and patients (adults and children). Advisory board-driven 2002
AIRLife [13] Germany Efficacy/patient preferences HCPs, parents Telephone interviews with physicians and adult patients. Face-to-face interviews with asthmatic children and parents of asthmatic children 1999
National Paediatric Asthma [14] Spain Attitudes/QoL Parents of young children Face-to-face interviews with parents of children with asthma (aged 2–5 years) 2000
ASTHMA [6] Belgium +/- montelukast GP/parents GPs interviewed asthma patients before and then at least 4 weeks after treatment with montelukast 2001
ASTEQ/ASTHMA [15] France Symptoms while using ICS. Perception of control Prescribers/patients/(children in subset) Anonymous questionnaire of physicians and patients including a small pediatric substudy conducted at 20 asthma schools with 300 children (aged 2–14) 1999/2003
NOP/GPnet [16] Great Britain BTS guidelines impact GPs/nurses/parents Postal questionnaire, GPs, nurses and parents of children with asthma 2002
UK AIR [17] Great Britain Asthma control GPs/nurses/children/parents Questionnaire of patients, telephone interviews with practice nurses, face-to-face interviews of GPs 1997
Finnish AIR [18] Finland Asthma control GPs/nurses/adult patients/children/parents Postal questionnaire 2000
Danish AIR [19] Denmark Reality asthma control (2 year) Patients Postal questionnaire 2000–2002
Norwegian AIR [20] Norway Reality asthma control Patients/GPs Postal questionnaire of patients, telephone interview of GPs 2000–2001
ALMA [21] Sweden Reality asthma control Patients/GPs Telephone interviews with adult asthma patients. Questionnaire for GPs with similar questions 2000–2001
AIRE [22] France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden How are treatment guidelines truly being applied/perceptions Patients/children Telephone interviews with adult asthma patients (randomly selected) 1999
ECRHS [7] 14 countries (including Canada) Follow up on asthma development and use of services Patients Administered questionnaire 1990–2000
ECRHSII [23] 10 EU countries Perception of severity, impact on society Patients Telephone interviews (randomly selected). Advisory-board driven 1999
Living and Breathing [24] UK Symptoms/control Patients Face-to-face interviews 2001
RESPONSE [25] Germany, Spain, Great Britain True symptom control, QoL, drug use Adults/juveniles Face-to-face interviews 2001
ACE [26] UK Treatment (ICS) benefit perceptions Patients at pharmacies Face-to-face interviews 2002
Asthma in America [27] USA Asthma in USA (misc.) Adults, HCPs (physicians, nurses, pharmacists) Telephone interviews (randomly selected) 2001
Asthma [28] Finland National impact snapshot Patients Review 1998
Psychology/Health and Medicine [29] Sweden Comparing assessment methodologies Patients Questionnaire-based survey 2003
AJN [30] USA Assessment/outcome tools Children/parents Review 2002
Illness Management Survey [31] USA Barriers to juvenile treatment (questionnaire support) Juveniles Questionnaire-based survey. Focus on compliance in highly noncompliant subset 2003
HUNAIR [32] Hungary Cost, morbidity, control Children/adults Questionnaire-based survey 1998–1999
  1. AIR, Asthma In Real Life; BTS, British Thoracic Society; ECRHS, European Community Respiratory Health Survey; EU, European
  2. Union; GP, general practitioner; HCP, healthcare provider; ICS, inhaled corticosteroids; QoL, quality of life.