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Table 1 XINT Variables

From: Software for interpreting cardiopulmonary exercise tests

Variable Description Variable Description
Demographic Information
firstName Patient's first name lastName Patient's last name
patId Patient's identification number tDate Date of test
age * Age in years sex * Male or female
height * Height in inches weight * Weight in pounds
baroPr Barometric pressure (mmHg) exTimeMin Exercise time (minutes)
exTimeSec Exercise time (seconds) termReason Reason for terminating the CPET
TermBy (Tt) Test terminated by the observer doc Doctor's name
lowHrResp Heart rate response low? (y/n) pcntBf Body mass index (BMI)
Spirometry Variables
preFev1 * FEV1 before exercise preFvc * FVC before exercise
preFev1Fvc FEV1/FVC before exercise preMvv Maximum voluntary ventilation before exercise (MVV)
Physiological Variables
maxVo2Kg * Maximum (or peak) oxygen uptake (ml/kg/min) maxVo2M1 * Maximum (or peak) oxygen uptake (ml/min)
maxPMph Maximum treadmill speed (mph) maxPE1ev Elevation of treadmill (%)
maxR * Respiratory exchange ratio (R) at maximum exercise atKg Anaerobic threshold (AT) (ml/kg/min)
atM1 Anaerobic threshold (AT) (ml/min) maxP Maximum power output (watts)
wattsVo2 Slope of VO2 (ml)/power(watts) maxHr * Maximum heart rate obtained during CPET
hrVo2 Slope of heart rate/VO2(L) mid-exercise restHr Resting heart rate
restSBp Resting systolic blood pressure restDBp Resting diastolic blood pressure
exSBp Maximum exercise systolic blood pressure exDBp Maximum exercise diastolic blood pressure
midVeVo2 * VE/VO2 at mid exercise maxVeVo2 VE/VO2 at maximum exercise
midVeVCo2 VE/VCO2 at mid exercise maxVeVCo2 VE/VCO2 at maximum exercise
maxTv * Tidal volume at maximum exercise restVe Ventilation (VE) at rest
maxVe * Ventilation at maximum exercise breatheRsrv Breathing reserve
rraPac02 Arterial PCO2 before exercise rraPa02 Arterial PO2 before exercise
rraHco3 Bicarbonate (HCO3) before exercise rraO2Sat 02 saturation before exercise
exPaCo2 Arterial PCO2 at maximum exercise exPa02 Arterial PO2 at maximum exercise
exHco3 Bicarbonate (HCO3) at maximum exercise ex02Sat O2 saturation at maximum exercise
maxAa (A-a) O2 difference at maximum exercise maxVdVt VD/VT at maximum exercise
  1. Note: In the source code, variables prefixed with a "p" indicate predicted values and variables prefixed with "pp" indicate percent of predicted values. * indicates required variables. Others are optional and will be interpreted if entered.