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Table 3 Incremental impact of hyponatremia on components of hospital resource utilization and costs among patients with pneumonia*

From: Hyponatremia and hospital outcomes among patients with pneumonia: a retrospective cohort study

  Incremental increase 95% CI
ICU LOS (days) 0.8 -0.25, 2.04
HLOS (days) 0.3 0.01, 0.69
Hospital costs $1,324 $98, $2,682
  1. MV = mechanical ventilation; ICU = intensive care unit; LOS = length of stay; HLOS = hospital length of stay *Derived from multivariable linear regression models adjusting for age, gender, race, region, teaching hospital, admission source, principal payer, and Deyo-CCI score, ICU and MV in first 48 hrs, and mortality