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Table 4 Impact of ICS inhaler device switch: the likelihood of asthma control among switched vs. control patients during the year after the switch

From: Inhaled corticosteroids for asthma: impact of practice level device switching on asthma control

  Unadjusted Analysis Logistic Regression Analysis*
  OR (95% CI) p Value OR (95% CI) p Value
Successful treatment† 0.47 (0.37–0.58) <0.001 0.29 (0.19–0.44) <0.001
Unsuccessful treatment‡ 1.69 (1.39–2.01) <0.001 1.92 (1.47–2.56) <0.001
Subsequent change in ICS device 1.73 (1.39–2.16) <0.001 1.90 (1.50–2.42) <0.001
  1. CI = confidence interval; ICS = inhaled corticosteroid; OR = odds ratio
  2. *Adjusted for baseline confounding factors, including short-acting β-agonist use, asthma consultation rate, socioeconomic status, and prescribed ICS dose at the index date (time of ICS device switch).
  3. †Successful treatment vs. partially successful/unsuccessful treatment.
  4. ‡Unsuccessful treatment vs. successful/partially successful treatment.