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Table 3 Adjusted likelihood of asthma- and allergic rhinitis-related medical resource use in the post-index period with ICS/LABA/MON relative to ICS/MON. *

From: Rates of asthma attacks in patients with previously inadequately controlled mild asthma treated in clinical practice with combination drug therapy: an exploratory post-hoc analysis

  Odds Ratio (95% CI)
  All patients (N = 344) †
Short-acting beta-agonist use 1.55 (0.79–3.03)
Oral corticosteroids use 2.00 (0.26–15.4)
Antibiotics use 2.49 (1.09–5.70)
Antihistamines use 0.75 (0.40–1.41)
ER visit 0.85 (0.11–6.67)
Asthma attack‡ 1.24 (0.35–4.44)
  1. * after adjusting for age, years of diagnosed allergic rhinitis, severity of allergic rhinitis, number of allergist visits, days on ICS or ICS/LABA treatment during the pre-index period, and days of ICS or ICS/LABA treatment during the post-index period
  2. † Patients treated with 12 months of MON and at least 3 months with a LABA and/or an ICS (observed mean 10.7 months of treatment) in the post-index period.
  3. † Patients treated with 12 months of all three drug classes.
  4. ‡ An asthma attack was defined as either use of an oral corticosteroid, an asthma-related ER visit, or an asthma-related hospitalization.