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Table 2 Criteria for evaluating an economic analysis based on Drummond and Jefferson assessment method*

From: Economic burden of asthma: a systematic review

1. Was a well-defined question asked in an answerable form?
2. Was a comprehensive description of the competing alternatives provided?
3. Was there evidence that the program's effectiveness was established?
4. Were all the important and relevant costs & consequences identified?
5. Were costs and consequences measured accurately with appropriate physical units?
6. Were costs and consequences credibly valued?
7. Were costs and consequences adjusted for differential timing?
8. Was an incremental analysis of costs and consequences of alternatives performed?
9. Was a sensitivity analysis performed?
10. Did the presentation and discussion of the study results include all issues of concern to users?
  1. *Note: All items have three possible responses, Yes (+), Cannot tell (N/A) and No (-).