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Table 3 Description of case-control studies published June 1999–2007 where population attributable risk (PAR) for occupational exposures and asthma was either published or could be derived.

From: Asthma caused by occupational exposures is common – A systematic analysis of estimates of the population-attributable fraction

Ref Cases Controls Country Asthma definition Occupational exposure PAR
26 120 446 Sweden Adult onset asthma based on diagnosis in medical records I. Occupations classified as exposed. I. 25.5%*
      II. Self-reported exposure II. 17.2%*
       Mean 21.4%*
27 I. 172 I. 285 France I. Asthma, any age onset Occupations at risk, defined a priori by a job-exposure matrix I. 10.0%*
28 II. 48 II. 228   II. Adult-onset, severe   II. 29.7%*
  III. 43    III. Adult-onset, mild   III. 2.7%*
     II.+III. All adult onset asthma   II+III. 16.9%*
       Mean 13.5%*
29 373 4,329 Australia Adult-onset physician-diagnosed asthma Occupations or exposures a priori classified as having an increased risk 9.5%‡
  1. *. PAR% derived from published data
  2. † Exposure was weakly and non-significantly associated with mild adult-onset asthma, OR = 1.2, 95% CI 0.5–3.0.
  3. ‡ A statistically significant, but low prevalence of acute irritant exposures accounted for an additional PAR of 0.2%