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Table 2 Difference of background factors or duration of corticosteroid administration between patients received low and high dose corticosteroids

From: Outcome of corticosteroid administration in autoimmune pulmonary alveolar proteinosis: a retrospective cohort study

Factors Statistical methods P-values
Age Mann-Whitney U test 0.737
Gender χ2 test 0.200
Disease severity score χ2 test 0.266
Smoking history χ2 test 0.594
Dust exposure history χ2 test 0.916
Dyspnea χ2 test 0.886
Cough χ2 test 0.870
Duration Mann-Whitney U test 0.114
  1. Background data were collected before the start of corticosteroid therapy. Duration was the serial days of corticosteroid administration. “High” and “low” dose of corticosteroids were described as Dosage and duration of corticosteroid therapy in results