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Table 1 Cases of pulmonary vein stenosis with acute respiratory failure complicating trans catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation

From: An unusual case of acute respiratory failure in a patient with pulmonary veins stenosis late after catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation: a case report and the review of the literature

Authors N. of patients Patients’symptoms Diagnosis Therapy Similarities with our case Differences with our case
Qureshi et al. 2003 [15] 19 17 cough CT scan One placement of an IVC filter CT scan role Shorter time correlation with AF ablation
12 haemoptysis
11 dyspnea on exertion
11 chest pain One patient with partial resection of the left lung Various different symptoms
8 wheezing
7 dyspnea at rest
6 orthopnea No mention to bronchoscopy
1 asymptomatic Angioplasty
Saad et al. 2003 [20] 21 11 dyspnea CT scan Angioplasty CT scan role Longer time correlation with AF ablation
8 cough Treatment
8 asymptomatic
6 pleuritic chest pain
5 haemoptysis No mention to bronchoscopy
Packer et al. 2005 [13] 23 19 dyspnea on exertion Nuclear ventilation perfusion scan Conservative treatment CT scan role Shorter time correlation with AF ablation
10 cough CT imaging Treatment
7 dyspnea Angiography Different symptoms
7 chest pain
3 asymptomatic
3 flu like symptoms No mention to bronchoscopy
2 haemoptysis
2 decreased exercise tolerance
1 paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea
Calero Acuna et al. 2011 [7] 2 Hemoptoic sputum and dyspnea on great exertion Angiotomography of the pulmonary veins Angioplasty Haemoptysis Haemoptysis severity
Surgical intervention followed by stent placement
Massive haemoptysis
Unremarkable physical examinations and basic diagnostic exams No mention to bronchoscopy
More invasive treatment (surgical)
Diagnostic technique
Mohsen et al. 2011 [19] 1 Mildly decreased exercise tolerance CT angiography Angioplasty and stenting Treatment No haemoptysis
No mention to bronchoscopy
Shorter time correlation with AF ablation
Yun et al. 2012 [21] 1 Haemoptysis, Magnetic Resonance angiography Stent and anticoagulant therapy   Shorter time correlation with AF ablation
Dyspnea on exertion
Right chest pain
CT scan
No mention to bronchoscopy
Demelo Rodriguez et al. 2013 [8] 1 Haemoptysis Angiography Angioplasty Haemoptysis Longer time correlation with AF ablation
Dyspnoea on moderate exertion Bronchoscopy revealed a mucosa With petechiae which bled easily Orotracheal intubation and transfer to the intensive care unit
Diagnostic technique and treatment