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Table 3 Treatment outcomes of both pan-susceptible TB cases throughout SCC and those acquired drug resistant TB during treatment

From: Later emergence of acquired drug resistance and its effect on treatment outcome in patients treated with Standard Short-Course Chemotherapy for tuberculosis

Treatment outcomes n(%) Pan-susceptible TB throughouta N = 1609 Acquired drug resistant TB N = 62
2 months 3–5 months Total
Successfully treated 1357(84.3) 44(84.6) 2(20.0) 46(74.1)
Failed 102(6.3) 6(11.5) 7(70.0) 13(21.0)
Died 36(2.2) 0(0.0) 1(10.0) 1(1.6)
Defaulted 39(2.4) 1(1.9) 0(0.0) 1(1.6)
Not evaluated 75(4.7) 1(1.9) 0(0.0) 1(1.6)
  1. aPan-susceptible TB throughout in our study was defined as cases with TB strains susceptible to all four first-line anti-TB drugs including isoniazid(H), rifampicin (R), ethambutol (E), and streptomycin (S) both pretreatment and throughout the therapy