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Table 4 Correlations of DC and AC with HRV parameters in the VT group

From: Cardiac autonomic function in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with and without ventricular tachycardia

Variable DC AC
r P r P
SDNN (ms) 0.716 <0.001 -0.682 <0.001
SDANN (ms) 0.595 0.005 -0.567 0.006
rMSSD (ms) 0.571 0.007 -0.548 0.008
LF (ms2) -0.518 0.038 0.413 0.057
HF (ms2) 0.486 0.043 -0.398 0.062
LF/HF ratio -0.458 0.041 0.387 0.060
  1. AC acceleration capacity of the heart rate, DC deceleration capacity of the heart rate, HF high-frequency power, LF low-frequency power, rMSSD the root mean square value of the standard deviations of the successive differences between adjacent normal RR intervals in the whole 24-h period, SDANN the standard deviation of the average normal RR intervals in all 5-min segments, SDNN the standard deviation of all normal RR intervals