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Table 1 Participants time line

From: External validation of multidimensional prognostic indices (ADO, BODEx and DOSE) in a primary care international cohort (PROEPOC/COPD cohort)

  2014 2015 2016 2015–2021
  Design x    
  Galician Ethics Committee approval x    
  Other nodes Ethics Committees x x   
  Funding x x   
  Web-page design and pilot study x    
 WHO (nodes)     
  Galicia x    
  Balearic Islands x    
  Spirometry   x   
  Clinical assesment   x   
  MRC   x   
  CAT   x   
  IPAQ   x   
  Laboratory analysis (optional)   x   
  Chest radiography (optional)   x   
 WHO (nodes)     
  Galicia   x   
  Balearic Islands   x   
  Aragon   x   
  Canary Islands   x   
  Catalonia   x   
  Bulgaria    x  
  Croatia   x   
  Germany    x  
  Macedonia    x  
  Romania    x  
  Exacerbations (type and number)   x x x
  Mortality and morbidity outcome   x x x