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Table 1 Data collected at baseline and follow-up visits

From: A multi-center randomized, controlled, open-label trial evaluating the effects of eosinophil-guided corticosteroid-sparing therapy in hospitalised patients with COPD exacerbations – The CORTICO steroid reduction in COPD (CORTICO-COP) study protocol

Data collected Study period
Baseline 1-month 3-month
Demographics X   
Daily blood glucose measurements X   
Daily leukocyte differential counta X   
Arterial blood gases and Chest X-ray X   
Testing for diabetes (HbA1c) X X  
Spirometry X (day 1 + day 3) X X
Height measurement & vital signs X   
Weight measurement X X X
Vitamin D and PTH levels X   X
COPD Assessment Test (CAT) X X X
Medical Research Council Dyspnoea Scale X X X
Bone Turnover Markers (CTX, P1NP) X X X
Questionnaire on general health condition   X X
Pregnancy test X   
  1. aCompleted by patients in the intervention group only