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Table 3 SLDA COPD classifier gene differential allelic expression (DAE) in bronchial epithelial cell (BEC) or in GTEx lung tissue database

From: RNAseq analysis of bronchial epithelial cells to identify COPD-associated genes and SNPs

  DAE in BEC GTEx Lung Tissue (n = 278)
1SNP MAF Subjects Assessed (n) 2Heterozygote Subjects with DAE data (n) 3p-value eQTL 4p-value
KEAP1-rs1048287 0.1 159 30 9.02E-10 KEAP1 5N.R.
CEBPG-rs3745968 0.11 128 17 6.35E-04 CEBPG N.R.
CAT-rs1049982 0.34 156 52 1.51E-24 CAT 1.95E-08
TP73-rs1801174 0.09 158 27 1.34E-10 TP73 N.R.
  1. Significant p-values indicated in italicized font
  2. 1SNP that served as marker for DAE. SNPs with highest minor allele frequency chosen
  3. 2n = number of subjects for whom each SNP allele was measurable in BEC after filtering to prevent stochastic sampling error. The fraction of gDNA samples with heterozygotes was comparable to that for cDNA samples and both approximated Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium expectations
  4. 3p-value for F-test comparing inter-individual variation in cDNA to inter-individual variation in gDNA samples
  5. 4p-value reported in GTEx database
  6. 5N.R not reported