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Table 1 Causes of death in non-CF bronchiectasis recipients transplanted at the Freeman Hospital

From: Outcomes of lung transplantation in adults with bronchiectasis

Cause of death No of patients (%)
Infection 5 (38)
Staphylococcus 2 (15)
Cytomegalovirus 1 (8)
Unknown 2 (15)
Respiratory failure 2 (15)
Obliterative bronchiolitis 2 (15)
Multi-organ failure 2 (15)
Malignancy 1 (8)
Cerebrovascular accident 1 (8)
Total No of deaths 13 (100)
  1. Transplant Programme. Causes of death in recipients were recorded from case notes. Data are expressed as percentage of deaths observed in this cohort where data detailing cause of death were available. Data was available for 13 patients, however 28 patients from the cohort were deceased. Percentages have been rounded up or down to the first decimal place