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Table 1 Questionnaire results (n = 21 centres)

From: NonTuberculous Mycobacteria infection and lung transplantation in cystic fibrosis: a worldwide survey of clinical practice

Question Yes n (%)
Do you have a clear written policy regarding the assessment and listing of patients with CF and NTM infection? 6 (29)
During assessment do you require screening for NTM? 21 (100)
Do you require molecular identification of NTM species? 16 (76)
Do you regard current infection with MAC an absolute contraindication? 1 (5)
Do you regard current infection with M. abscessus complex as an absolute contraindication? 4 (19)
Do you regard persisting MAC or M. abscessus complex infection despite optimal therapy as an absolute contraindication? 12 (57)
Would you regard a patient with persisting M. abscessus complex and another relative contraindication as together representing an absolute contraindication? 16 (76)
Do you require specific NTM treatment to be undertaken before listing? 18 (86)
At time of listing is a treatment cocktail decided on for use peri-transplant? 20 (95)
Are patients segregated on the basis of NTM status pre-transplant? 13 (62)
Are patients segregated post-transplant on the basis of NTM status? 10 (48)
  1. Abbreviations: CF Cystic Fibrosis, NTM NonTuberculous Mycobacteria, MAC Mycobacterium avium Complex, M. abscessus complex Mycobacteria abscessus complex