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Fig. 1

From: Evaluation of inhaler technique and achievement and maintenance of mastery of budesonide/formoterol Spiromax® compared with budesonide/formoterol Turbuhaler® in adult patients with asthma: the Easy Low Instruction Over Time (ELIOT) study

Fig. 1

Study design (a) and procedures (b). aRandomization into cross-over phase; bRandomization into longitudinal phase; patients meeting the inclusion criteria: step 3 or 4 asthma therapy as defined by BTS guidelines for persistent asthma, partially or poorly controlled asthma as defined by GINA, and ≥ 1 error on current device were included; cVideo review was used only with patients who provided consent; patients not providing consent were able to continue in the study. ACQ: Asthma Control Questionnaire; BTS: British Thoracic Society; GINA: Global Initiative for Asthma; HCP: healthcare professional; PASAPQ: Patient Satisfaction and Preference Questionnaire; RCT: randomized control trial

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