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Table 2 Baseline characteristics of the RCTs

From: Effect of surfactant administration on outcomes of adult patients in acute respiratory distress syndrome: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

study,year Numbers of patients Delivery method Type of surfactant Surfactant dosing(Total) Treatment duration Predisposing event
Weg 1994 [9] 51(S,34;C,17) Aerosolized exosurf(no surfactant protein) 21.9 or 43.5 mg DPPC/Kg/day 120 h sepsis
Anzueto 1996 [10] 725(S,364;C,361) Aerosolized exosurf(no surfactant protein) 112 mg DPPC/Kg/day 5 days sepsis
Gregory 1997 [11] 59(S,43;C,16) Intratracheal bovine lung extract(containing SP-B.C) 150 or 2100 or 3100 mg/kg 96 h trauma,aspiration,transfusions,sepsis
Spragg 2003 [12] 40(S,27;C,13) Intratracheal Venticute(rSP-C-based surfactant) 11 or 20.5 ml/kg 24 h burn,aspiration,sepsis,pneumonia,trauma,pancreatitis
Spragg 2004(ES) [13] 227(S,118;C,109) Intratracheal rSP-C-based surfactant 1 ml/kg 24 h trauma,aspiration,transfusions,sepsis,burn,toxic injury
Spragg 2004(NA) [13] 221(S,106;C,115) Intratracheal rSP-C-based surfactant 1 ml/kg 24 h trauma,aspiration,transfusions,sepsis,burn,toxic injury
Tsangaris 2007 [14] 16(S,8;C,8) Intratracheal natural bovine surfactant 200 mg/kg 72 h blunt chest trauma
Kesecioglu 2009 [15] 418(S,208;C,210) Intratracheal natural(porcine)(containing SP-B.C) 600 mg/kg 36 h sepsis,trauma,aspiration,shock,pneumonia
Spragg 2011 [16] 843(S,419;C,424) Intratracheal rSP-C-based surfactant 1 ml/kg 96 h aspiration,pneumonia
Lu 2010 [17] 20(S,10;C,10) Intratracheal HL-10(containing SP-B.C) 600 mg/kg 36 h bronchopneumonia,aspiration pneumonia,lung contusion,sepsis
Willson 2015 [18] 308(S,151;C,157) Intratracheal Pneumasurf(containing SP-B.C) 30 mg per centimeter of height 12 h viral,bacterial and aspiration pneumonia,et al
study,year Initial APACHE II Score Initial PaO2/FiO2 Enrolled hospitals The limitation of enrolled study
Weg 1994 [9] C:14.2(6.4) S1: 16.5(6.7) S2:15.7(6.6) C:146.5(20.4) S1:124.2(11.8) S2:161.5(16.2) 20 tertiary care medical centers throughout the United States Small sample
Anzueto 1996 [10] Not available C:140(64) S:145(82) Medical–surgical intensive care units of 63 hospitals in nine countries Complex causes of ARDS; Inadequate efficiency of surfactant reached the lungs; Incomplete surfactant preparation
Gregory 1997 [11] Not available C:128(71–286) S1:98(84–402); S2:124(40–234) S3: 133(77–401) Five clinical centers: The Ohio State University Hospital (Columbus, OH); St. Louis University Health Sciences Center (St. Louis, MO); Harborview Medical Center (Seattle, WA);University of California, San Diego; and UCLA Medical Center(Los Angeles, CA) Complex causes of ARDS; Inadequate efficiency of surfactant reached the lungs
Spragg 2003 [12] C:10.9(1.1) S1: 10.2(1.2) S2:10.1(1.7) C:133.6(8.9) S:113.9(8.3) Hospitals in North America Small sample; Inadequate efficiency of surfactant reached the lungs
Spragg 2004(ES) [13] C:16.6(5.8) S:17.4(7.5) C:136(39) S:137(40) 55 centers in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Narrow treatment window
Spragg 2004(NA) [13] C:17.9(6.6) S:18.6(6.1) C:130(39) S:132(40) 54 centers in Canada and the United States Narrow treatment window
Tsangaris 2007 [14] C:16(4) S:15(3) C:103(14) S:100(20) 14-bed ICU in Greece Small sample; a single and reduced surfactant dose
Kesecioglu 2009 [15] C:25.2(7.3) S:25.7(8.2) C:161.4(55.2) S:156.7(54.8) 67 medical centers in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom Different confounding factors; Heterogeneous nature of ALI/ARDS population; Definition of ALI/ARDS
Spragg 2011 [16] C:17.8(0.32) S:18(0.33) C:124.1(1.32) S:123.8(1.3) Intensive care units of 161 medical centers in 22 countries. Complex causes of ARDS
Lu 2010 [17] Not available C:200(63) S:201(64) multidisciplinary ICU of La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France, Small sample
Willson 2015 [18] C:60(28) S:63(31) C1:147, S1:135 C2:143, S2:136 Intensive care units of 34 medical centers in 6 countries Complex causes of ARDS
  1. C control, S surfactant