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Table 1 Scoring System for CT Images

From: High prevalence of bronchiectasis on chest CT in a selected cohort of children with severe Asthma

Severity of BE and BWTExtent of BE and BWTExtent of AT
ScoreFindings for BE or BWTScoreFindings for BE or BWTScoreDescription of CT Findings for AT
0None0No involvement0No increase in low attenuation on expiratory scan
1Mild1< 1/3 lobe involvement1< 1/3 lobe involvement
2Moderate2≥1/3 lobe involvement
< 2/3 lobe involvement
2≥1/3 lobe involvement
< 2/3 lobe involvement
3Severe3≥2/3 lobe involvement3≥2/3 lobe involvement
  1. Scores were assigned individually for each individual lobe and for each lung separately (right upper, right middle, right lower, left upper, lingula and left lower). The scores from each lobe were added to obtain a composite score for each CT parameter. BE = bronchiectasis. BWT = bronchial wall thickening. AT = air trapping