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Table 3 Multivariate logistic regression analysis on acoustic features of fine crackles toward the presence of honeycombing findings

From: The acoustic characteristics of fine crackles predict honeycombing on high-resolution computed tomography

Variable OR 95% CI P
Timing (early vs. not early) 10.407 1.366–79.298 0.024
Frequency F99 (per 100 Hz) 5.953 1.221–28.317 0.029
Number of crackles (per 5 crackles) 4.256 1.098–16.507 0.036
LDW 1.337 0.214–8.365 0.756
Age 1.074 0.940–1.228 0.293
  1. Data are presented as odds ratios (OR) with 95% confidence intervals (CI) and P values. The number of fine crackles was determined per inspiratory phase. F99 Frequency in Hz at 99% of the total signal power, LDW Largest deflection width