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Table 1 Literature review of spontaneous remission of histologically confirmed non-small cell lung cancer

From: Spontaneous remission of advanced progressive poorly differentiated non-small cell lung cancer: a case report and review of literature

ReferenceAge/SexCell typeStageSmokingComorbiditiesTreatment
Present study74/FNSCLC, P/DIIINoneNoneHerbal remedy after ceasing multiple line chemotherapy
Matsui et al. 2018 [11]*56/FSqCC, M/DIIISmokerCTD-ILD and autoimmune hepatitisNone
Ooi et al. 2018 [16]77/MNSCLC, P/DIIINonenoneNone
Marques et al. 2017 [10]75/MAC, NAISmokerCOPD, heart failureNone
Park et al. 2016 [17]79/MSqCC, NAIVNAHypertension, diabetesNone
Chung et al. 2015 [5]67/MSqCC, NAIVNANoneChemotherapy and herbal remedy
Ogawa et al. 2015 [15]65/MNSCLC, P/DIVSmokernoneRadiotherapy
Menon et al. 2015 [12]44/MNSCLC, P/DIVSmokerHIVNone except HAART on combined HIV infection
Lopez-Pastorini et al. 2015 [9]76/MLC, P/DIIISmokerhypertensionNone
Hwang et al. 2013 [8]62/MNSCLC, P/DIIISmokerIPF, diabetesNone
Mizuno et al. 2011 [13]62/MLC, NAIVNANoneNone after surgery for initially stage I lung cancer
Furukawa et al. 2011 [6]56/MSqCC, NAISmokerCOPDNone
Gladwish et al. 2010 [7]81/FSqCC, M/DIIISmokerHypothyroidismHerbal remedy (Essiac tea)
Nakamura et al. 2009 [14]71/MAC, P/DIIINAAnti-NY-ESO-1 immunity diseaseNone
Pujol et al. 2007 [18]75/FSqCC, NAISmokerAnti-Hu antibody syndrome, diabetesNone
Cafferata et al. 2004 [4]68/MAC, P/DISmokerCOPD, ischemic heart diseaseNone
Kappauf et al. 1997 [3]61/MLC, P/DIVNANoneNone
Sperduto et al. 1988 [19]61/MSqCC, NAIVSmokerCOPD, basal cell cancerNone
  1. AC Adenocarcinoma, COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, CTD-ILD connective tissue disease related interstitial lung disease, F Female; HAART Highly active antiretroviral therapy, HIV Human immunodeficiency virus, IPF Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, LC Large cell carcinoma, M Male, M/D Moderate differentiation, NA Not applicable, SqCC Squamous cell carcinoma, P/D Poor differentiation