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Table 2 General treatment and PAH targeted therapy in patients with PVOD

From: Targeted therapy in pulmonary veno-occlusive disease: time for a rethink?

Patient number12345
Warfarin2.25 mg, po, qod2.25 mg, po, qdNo5 mg, po, qd2 mg, po, qd
SpironolactoneNo20 mg, po, qd2No20 mg, po, qd20 mg, po, qd
 Furosemide40 mg, po, qodNo20 mg, po, qodNo20 mg, po, qod
 Torsemide20 mg, po, qodNo10 mg, po, qodNo10 mg, po, qod
Digoxin0.125 mg, po, qdNo0.25 mg, po, qdNo0.125 mg, po, qd
Targeted therapies
 ERAsNoNoNoNoAmbrisentan, 10 mg, po, qd
 PDE5isTadalafil, 10 mg, po, qdTadalafil, 10 mg, po, qdSildenafil, 20 mg, po, tidSildenafil, 20 mg, po, tidSildenafil, 20 mg, po, tid
 ProstanoidsTreprostinil, iv, 15.25 ng/kg/minNoTreprostinil, iv, 17.5 ng/min/kgNoIloprost, 1 ml, inh, q3h; Treprostinil, iv, 20 ng/min/kg
  1. ERAs Endothelin receptor antagonists, PDE5is Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors