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Table 2 Comparison of positive rates between three different treatment methods of specimens from different puncture sites

From: Values of different specimen preparation methods for the diagnosis of lung cancer by endobronchial ultrasound guided transbronchial needle aspiration

VariablesNumber% Total Positivehistopathology
% Positive
% Positive
% Positive
P Value
ALL15477.3(119)68.8(106)65.6(101)60.4(93)0.29a, 0.01b
Anatomic site
Trachea mediastinal
lymph nodes
 (2R + 4R + 4 L)6687.9(58)78.8(52)75.8(50)71.2(47)0.60a, 0.11b
 7 group5572.7(40)65.5(36)60.0(33)54.5(30)0.51a, 0.23b
Hilar lymph node
 (10R,L + 11R,L + 12R)1942.1(8)31.6(6)31.6 (6)26.3(5)0.92a, 0.77b
 Mass1492.9(13)85.7(12)85.7(12)78.6(11)0.84a, 0.75b
  1. TS Traditional smears, LBC liquid-based cytology
  2. a: Comparison of positive rates among three single pathological treatment type
  3. b: Comparison of positive rates between combination of the three treatment types and any single pathological treatment type