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Table 1 Patient characteristics (n = 651)

From: Empirical prescribing of penicillin G/V reduces risk of readmission of hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia in Norway: a retrospective observational study

Patient characteristicsTotal
Gender, female303(46.5)
Age, years, median (IQR)77(64-84)
Nursing home residents70(10.8)
Penicillin allergya70(10.8)
 Heart failure140(21.5)
 Diabetes mellitus I or II85(13.1)
CRB-65 scoreb
 Missing data88(13.5)
 Registered in admission notes1(0.2)
Antibiotic use pre-hospitalization171(26.3)
Empirical antibiotic prescribing
 Penicillin G/V monotherapy335(51.5)
 Penicillin G + gentamicin149(22.9)
 Other antibiotics167(25.7)
Treatment duration
 IV treatment duration, median (IQR)3(2-5)
 Total treatment duration, median (IQR)11(9.8-13)
Microbiological diagnostics
 Blood culture499(76.7)
 Pneumococcal urinary antigen test327(50.2)
 Legionella urinary antigen test51(7.8)
 Serology M. or C.pnuemoniae19(2.9)
M. or C. pneumoniae22(3.4)
 Other bacteria14(2.2)
 Influenza virus A or B12(1.8)
 Other respiratory viruses18(2.8)
 None identified514(79.0)
Clinical outcomes
 30-day readmission90(14.4)
 Length of stay in hospital, median4(3-6)
 30-day mortality44(6.9)
  1. CRB-65 Confusion, respiration, blood pressure and age ≥ 65y, COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, IQR inter quartile range, IV intravenous
  2. aDocumented penicillin allergy in patient notes to beta-lactams
  3. bScoring made retrospectively based on admission data/journal data