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Table 3 Compared patient data in the “eradication” and “persistence” groups. Results are expressed in numbers or mean ± standard deviation

From: Management of initial colonisations with Burkholderia species in France, with retrospective analysis in five cystic fibrosis Centres: a pilot study

Patient dataEradication (N = 10)Persistence (N = 7)p value
Age at PC (years)19.1 ± 8.620.2 ± 8.00.74
BMI (Z-score) at PC−1.04 ± 0.8−0.62 ± 0.60.42
Antibiotics in the 3 months before PC930.1
Lung function (% predicted)
 FVC at PC92.8 ± 15.665.3 ± 20.10.11
 FEV1 at PC85.4 ± 27.465.7 ± 23.00.12
 FEV1 2 years after PCa77.7 ± 26.157.2 ± 18.40.08
Distribution ofBurkholderiastrains at PC
B. multivorans330.64
B. cenocepacia221
B. contaminans101
B. vietnamiensis101
B. ambifaria010.41
 Unidentified BCC101
B. gladioli211
Antibiotic treatment
 No treatment421
 Eradication treatment651
 Time to treat from the PC (days)34 ± 20.548 ± 37.90.71
Consistency antibiogram/antibiotic therapy
  1. BMI Body Mass Index, PC primary colonisation, FVC Forced Vital Capacity, FEV1 Forced Expiratory Volume in one second, BCC Burkholderia cepacia complex
  2. a Data unavailable for one patient with one-year follow-up,
  3. b in vitro full susceptibility to at least two of the antibiotics used, or to at least one antibiotic if combined with inhaled tobramycin