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Table 4 Responsiveness of the HRQL measures to continuous changes in ACT

From: How does the EQ-5D-5L perform in asthma patients compared with an asthma-specific quality of life questionnaire?

EstimateStand. errorp-valueEstimateStand. errorp-valueEstimateStand. errorp-value
AQLQQ0.< 0.00010.130.01< 0.0001
 Q0.50.050.01< 0.00010.090.01< 0.00010.100.01< 0.0001
 Q0.< 0.00010.010.02< 0.0001
EQ-5D indexQ0.10.0030.0040.4140.0090.002< 0.00010.0140.0040.0002
 Q0.50.0050.0010.00050.0050.0010.00010.0090.002< 0.0001
VASQ0.11.120.400.0051.650.31< 0.00011.740.35< 0.0001
 Q0.51.000.24< 0.00011.10.23< 0.00011.370.25< 0.0001
 Q0.91.080.340.0020.680.240.0061.130.27< 0.0001
  1. All results are adjusted for group (intervention vs. control), age, sex, smoking status, BMI, employed (yes/no), and HRQL at T0, T1, or T2 respectively. Abbreviations: Stand. error: standard error, ACT: Asthma Control Test, AQLQ: Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire, VAS: Visual Analog Scale