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Table 1 Patient characteristics of the clinical trials

From: Thoracic perfusion of recombinant mutant human tumor necrosis factor (rmhTNF) can be considered as a good adjunct in the treatment of malignant pleural effusion caused by lung cancer

StudyNMaleFemaleAge (Years)Histology of Lung cancerQuality of LifeEnd point
Yuquan L 2005 [25]362511297000KPS ≥ 50ORR, DCR, AEs
Do W 2005 [20]6224–81KPS ≥ 50ORR, DCR, AEs
Yanhao W 2006 [13]56371924–804056032KPS ≥ 50ORR, DCR, AEs
Zhijun W 2007 [26]84612336–73561600120ECOG≤2ORR, DCR, AEs
Shimeng F 2010 [22]73433038–76511111000KPS ≥ 60ORR, DCR, AEs
Hua Z 2010 [9]58312739–8147100010KPS ≥ 60ORR, DCR, AEs
Xiqiang W 2010 [24]5436–7232190300ECOG≤2ORR, DCR, AEs
Haiyan C 2015 [10]53252840–813613−0004KPS ≥ 60ORR, DCR, AEs
Jin L 2015 [12]5562.55500000KPS ≥ 60ORR, DCR, SI, AEs
Tao H 2016 [23]60382241–7860ORR, DCR, AEs
Chun W 2016 [19]64352965–8937270000ORR, DCR, AEs
Hua Z 2017 [21]39192061–883270000KPS ≥ 50ORR, DCR, AEs
  1. N number of patients, M/F male/ female, LAC lung adenocarcinoma, LSCC lung squamous cell carcinoma, SCLC small cell lung cancer, LCLC large cell lung cancer, ADSC adenosquamous carcinoma, KPS Karnofsky performance scale index, ECOG performance scale index made by Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, ORR objective response rate, DCR disease control rate, SI symptom improvement, AEs adverse effects