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Table 2 Univariate correlation coefficients for the 6MWD and subject variables

From: Six-minute walking distance in healthy Chinese people older than 60 years

VariableMale (n = 128)Female (n = 138)
Age, years−0.45< 0.001−0.47< 0.001
Height, cm0.36< 0.0010.36< 0.001
Weight, kg−0.004NS−0.03NS
BMI, kg/m2−0.25< 0.05− 0.29< 0.001
HRi, bpm−0.08NS−0.05NS
HRf, bpm0.26< 0.050.27< 0.05
HR change, bpm0.31< 0.0010.34< 0.001
SBPi, mmHg−0.04NS−0.04NS
DBPi, mmHg0.05NS0.03NS
SBPf, mmHg0.18< 0.050.20< 0.05
DBPf, mmHg0.16< 0.050.19< 0.05
SpO2i, %0.02NS0.05NS
SpO2f, %0.01NS−0.02NS
  1. 6MWD Six-minute walking distance; r-value: Pearson’s correlation coefficient; BMI Body mass index;
  2. i Initial, f Final, change Change with exercise, SBP Systolic blood pressure, DBP Diastolic blood pressure, HR Heart rate, SpO2 Oxygen saturation, SpO2i Resting SpO2, SpO2f End-test SpO2;