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Table 1 Comparison of baseline and comorbidities between deaths and survivors

From: Prognostic role of the preoperative neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio and albumin for 30-day mortality in patients with postoperative acute pulmonary embolism

 Total(n = 101)Deaths(n = 24)Survivors(n = 77)P
Age, yr64.00 (57.50–71.00)a67.00 (59.00–75.75) a63.00 (57.00–70.00) a0.200
Sex (Female)6012480.283
BMI, kg/m225.85 ± 3.6824.54 ± 4.1026.31 ± 3.590.050
Smoking history236170.766
Drinking history194150.758
Surgical type   0.861
ASA   0.787
Admission SBP120.00 (135.00,150.00)a124.50 (133.50,149.25)a120.00 (136.00,151.00)a0.873
 Coronary heart disease194150.993
 Respiratory diseases9180.600
 History of stroke7251.000
 Renal failure1100.238b
  1. aInterquartile range
  2. bFisher’s Exact test
  3. BMI Body mass index, SBP Systolic blood pressure