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Table 1 The comparison between previous patients and our case

From: Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome-associated pneumothorax with rapid progression of respiratory failure: a case report

Reference Age/Sex Gene type Time to the development of pneumothorax from diagnosis with interstitial pneumonia Treatment for pneumothorax Outcome and cause of death Time to death from surgery for pneumothorax
Kaseda et al. [10] 59/Male HPS-1 5 years Bullectomy Death by respiratory failure 2 years
Kirisi et al. [11] 54/Female Unknown 2 years 1. Chest drainage
2. Pleurodesis
Death by respiratory failure 1 year
Our case
50/Male HPS-1 2 years 1. Chest drainage
2. Pulmonary fistula closure
Death by respiratory failure 1 month