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Table 1 Descriptors used for the database search MEDLINE-PubMed (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online-Public Medline), Embase (Excerpta Medica Database) and VHL (Virtual Health Library-Brazil)

From: Lung function in obese children and adolescents without respiratory disease: a systematic review

Term PubMed (MeSH Terms) VHL (DeCS) Embase (Emtree Terms)
Pediatric obesity Childhood obesity Childhood obesity Childhood obesity
  Adolescent obesity Obesity, pediatric Child obesity
   Obesity, childhood Obesity in adolescence
   Childhood onset obesity  
   Obesity, childhood onset  
   Child obesity  
   Obesity, child  
   Childhood overweight  
   Overweight, childhood  
   Obesity in childhood  
   Adolescent obesity  
   Obesity, adolescent  
   Obesity in adolescence  
   Adolescent overweight  
   Overweight, adolescent  
Lung function Respiratory function tests Function tests, pulmonary Respiratory function
  Spirometry Function test, pulmonary Lung function test
   Pulmonary function test Spirometry
   Test, pulmonary function  
   Tests, pulmonary function  
   Function test, lung  
   Function test, respiratory  
   Function tests, lung  
   Function tests, respiratory  
   Lung function test  
   Respiratory function test  
   Tests, respiratory function  
   Lung function tests  
   Pulmonary function tests