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Table 5 Factors associated with request for urgent review compared with adjusted odds ratios for lung cancer risk factors in validated risk prediction models

From: Does this lung nodule need urgent review? A discrete choice experiment of Australian general practitioners

 Current studyParsimonious PanCan model [8]Mayo model [12]Veterans Administration model [13]
Patient age (per increasing ten year increment)0.78Not included2.722.20
Patient gender, female vs maleNot significant1.91Not includedNot included
Smoking history2.90 for current smokersNot included2.21 for current smokers7.90 for current or ex-smokers
Nodule spiculation5.572.542.83Not included
Nodule diameter1.35 per increasing size incrementNon-linear relationship with cancer risk1.14 per mm increase in size1.10 per mm increase in size
Upper lobe locationNot significant1.822.19Not included