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Table 2 Clinical summary of the 18 cases of hypereosinophilic syndrome presenting as cough

From: Cough in hypereosinophilic syndrome: case report and literature review

CaseAge(y)/sexSmokingSymptoms/duration of coughEos count in blood (/μL)TIgE kU/lBALF Eos%Induced sputum Eos%Lung function resultsChest imagingCardiac dysfunctionResult of PDGFRA fusion geneTreatment
1a41 M20 pack-yearsChronic dry cough/2 y751026.127NAFEV1, FEV1%: nlCXR: normal lung field, CT: nlYesPosImatinib
2a52 MNonsmokerChronic cough/7 y2220157NA64 at the beginning
18.5 7 years later
Mild obstructive, bronchial responsiveness. At the beginning and 7 years laterCXR: nl. 7 years later, CXR: nl, CT: multiple scattered nodulesNoNegImatinib
3 [16]42 MNAChronic dry cough/1 y356065.7NAbFEV1, FEV1% and DLCO: nlCXR: nlNoPosImatinib
4 [17]54 Mstopped smoking, 15 yChronic cough/2 y500061NANAFEV1, histamine bronchial responsiveness and DLco: nlCT: thickening of intrapulmonary airways with distal airway pluggingNoPosImatinib
5 [7]65 MActive smokerChronic incapacitating cough/4.5 y51801920NANo airway obstruction, decreased DLCO, marked airway hyperreactivityCT: nlNoPosImatinib
6 [18]55 MNever smokerNon-productive cough/ 7 mo12,700nlNANASpirometry and transfer: nlCXR: nl; chest CT: patchy bronchocentric consolidationNoPosImatinib
7 [19]57 MNAChronic dry cough/2.5 y4680NANANAnlCXR: nl; chest CT: nlNoPosImatinib
8 [20]46 MNAPersistent dry cough, progressive dyspnea12,300NANANANACXR: cardiac enlargement and bilateral pleural effusionYesPosImatinib Methylprednisolone
9 [21]32 MNonsmokerShortness of breath, cough/4 mo12,500NANANAMild restrictive and severe obstructive lung diseaseCT: tree-in-bud and ground-glass opacitiesNoPosImatinib
10 [22]45 MNADyspnea, cough8020NANANANACXR: bilateral pulmonary infiltrates with minimal pleural effusion CTPA: pulmonary embolismYesPosImatinib Methylprednisolone
11 [29]47 MNADyspnea, coughNANANANAAbnormal diffusion capacity and lung volumesCT: interstitial infiltratesNAPosImatinib
12 [30]45 MNAChronic coughNANANANANANANANAInhaled bronchodilator Imatinib
13 [23]87 FNever smokerLong-term cough8200nl73NAUnreliableCXR: bibasal alveolar infiltrateNoNAMethylprednisolone
14 [24]50 FSmokingRecurring dry cough, chest tightness, wheezing4000948NANAMild obstructive and moderate restrictive patternCXR: bilateral hilar enlargementYesNegDeflazocort
15 [25]33 MNAProgressive dyspnea, cough15,100NA84NANACXR: bilateral pulmonary infiltratesYesNegPrednisone
16 [28]42 MNANonproductive cough/2 mo8000NANANANACXR: right lower lobe infiltrateYesNegMepolizumab
17 [26]88 FNonsmokingPersistent nonproductive cough, shortness of breath7980141NANANACXR: nl. 7 mo later, CXR: bilateral patchy infiltrates, CT: bilateral lung infiltratesYesNAPrednisone
18 [27]68 MFormer smokerRecurrent cough, wheezing, shortness of breath/14 mo30002897NANAnlCT: slightly enlarged mediastinal, right hilar and bilateral axillary lymph nodesNoNAPrednisone
  1. BALF bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, CT computed tomography, CTPA CT pulmonary angiogram, CXR chest x-ray, DLCO diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide, Eos eosinophilia, FEV1 forced expiratory volume in 1 s, FVC Forced vital capacity, nl normal, NA not available
  2. aThe present cases
  3. b with numerous eosinophils in sputum