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Table 1 Demographics and relevant medical history for the ITT population at baseline, V1

From: Concordance for changes in allergic asthma domain variables after short-term corticosteroid therapy

Age (years)
 Min, Max8, 79
Age, n (%)
 5–11 years12 (14.3)
 12–17 years26 (31.0)
  > =18 years46 (54.8)
Sex, n (%)
 Male48 (57.1)
 Female36 (42.9)
Race, n (%)
 Caucasian60 (71.4)
 Black or African American13 (15.5)
 Asian4 (4.8)
 American Indian or Alaskan Native0
 Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander0
 Two or more races3 (3.6)
 Other4 (4.8)
Ethnicity, n (%)
 Hispanic or Latino19 (22.6)
 Not Hispanic or Latino64 (76.2)
 Unknown/Not Provided1 (1.2)
aFood allergy30.1%
aAllergic rhinitis18.1%
aAtopic dermatitis3.5%
 Asthma age of onset mean (SD)8.4 (11.8)
 Asthma duration mean (SD)18.4 (15.9)
  1. abased on commonest term captured in the medical history at screening