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Table 7 Concordance/discordance for pairs of asthma domains considering changes from V1 to V2 considering any change > 0 and changes at < or > than the MID level for the combined adult and pediatric ITT population. The Table is organized in descending order for the data for changes around 0

From: Concordance for changes in allergic asthma domain variables after short-term corticosteroid therapy

Asthma domainPanel A (ITT population)Panel B (PP population)
Changes > or < 0 Concordance/discordance (%)Changes > of < MID Concordance/discordance (%)
FeNO and ACQ679.3/20.793.5/6.6
ACQ6 and TASX74.0/25.982.4/17.6*
FeNO and FEV171.9/28.180.7/19.4
FeNO and TASX70.4/29.676.7/23.3*
FEV1 and ACQ663.4/36.674.2/25.9
FEV1 and TASX58.1/41.960.9/39.1*