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Table 8 Concordance/discordance for pairs of asthma domains considering changes from V1 to V2 considering any change around 0 (ITT population) and changes at the MID level (PP population) for the adult (Panel A) and pediatric (Panel B) populations. The Table is organized in descending order for the data for changes around 0

From: Concordance for changes in allergic asthma domain variables after short-term corticosteroid therapy

Asthma domainChanges > or < 0 Concordance/discordance (%)Changes > of < MID Concordance/discordance (%)
Panel A (adult ITT population)
 FeNO and ACQ682.2/17.796.2/3.9
 FeNO and TASX72.7/27.375.0/25.0
 ACQ6 and TASX68.2/31.874.2/25.8
 FeNO and FEV166.6/33.476.2/23.8
 FEV1 and TASX59.1/40.961.3/38.7
 FEV1 and ACQ657.8/42.381.0/19.1
Panel B (pediatric population)
 ACQ6 and TASX81.1/18.992.3/7.7
 FeNO and FEV178.4/21.690.0/10.0
 FeNO and ACQ675.7/24.390.0/10.0
 FEV1 and ACQ670.3/29.760.0/40.0
 FeNO and TASX67.6/32.478.6/21.5
 FEV1 and TASX56.8/43.260.0/40.0